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    Finally, Art Without the Attitude!

    Considering that photography is one of the most democratic art forms in the world (we’re all photographers, after all) it’s too bad that it seems to be so difficult to find and buy original photographic art. That’s why we’re here...

    The images you find here are available exclusively at Betty Snaps and have been carefully scouted and selected. With themes ranging from portraits to landscape, pop culture to social dynamics, the selection of photography you’ll find here is consistently distinctive and a steady turnover ensures that you'll experience a lot of great photography every time you visit us.

    Who is BettySnaps?
    Thanks for asking! We're photography aficionados with a long working history, over two decades, in the field of photography: in front of and behind the camera and particularly in photo representation. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark but hailing from international ports, our network spans the globe. We love photography and want to offer the general public the opportunity to buy and enjoy images that would otherwise probably never make it out of the private portfolios of many photographers.

    These prints are intended to become a dynamic part of your home and your daily life and since there is no right or wrong way to exhibit your works, think out of the box (we have prints in our kitchens and hallways) and let your imagination get the better of you!

    VAT is included in the price. For those living outside the EU, VAT will be refunded once your shipping address has been confirmed.   


    If we want cookies we buy a pack at the local bakery and if we´re feeling especially domestic, we take to our kitchens and whip up a batch of double chocolate chip or whatever takes our fancy. What we´ll never do is drop them on your computer to spy on you. Enough said.


    Shipping costs to your address are included in the price because we know how annoying extra expenses are.

    We ship with several carriers, always choosing whichever one is optimal for a specific destination. After all, this precious cargo deserves to be treated with respect and consideration!

    Questions? Send us a mail and we'll reply within 24 hours! hello@bettysnaps.com

    When will I receive my print? 
    Each order is custom printed, personally checked for quality by our staff, authenticated and hand-packed before being shipped to you. Expect to receive your print approximately 2 weeks after you've placed your order. 

    The printing process
    BettySnaps works in close collaboration with our photographers and printer in choosing the optimal printing process. This means that different processes are used for different images. Check the info by each image to see which applies or drop us a line and we will reply promptly.

    We have plans to offer framed work at the beginning of 2016 in Scandinavia and northern Germany. At the moment we ship the prints unframed and leave the framing process up to you. Having said that we do recommend that you have your print framed, not only for aesthetic reasons, but to protect the print and ensure a long and happy life for the work . If you’d like some advice about framing, drop us a line and we’ll offer some suggestions. 

    However, if you live in Denmark or if you are willing to pay for the extra and rather exorbitant shipping charges, drop us a line and we will send you a quote. We prefer to mount the works on either dibond or aluminum and coat the top layer with either acrylic or a matte glaze, depending on the work, as it allows the work to speak for itself unhampered by the personality of the frame itself.

    I've changed my mind. Can I send my print back and get a refund?
    Yes you can. There are conditions, of course, so check our terms and conditions for details. But to save yourself the hassle and the expense of return shipping, make sure you really, really love it and want it before ordering it!

    I have a question and I don't like emails. Can I phone you?
    Please conquer your dislike of emails long enough to send us a quick one with your query and your phone number and we'll get back to you promptly. Time differences make opening hours for customer service a bit tricky so remember to let us know which part of the world you hail from. If you simply cannot wait another moment, you can reach us at (45)28796988.

    I'd like to know more about the photographer whose work I'm purchasing. What can you tell me?
    While we believe that the pictures speak for themselves it's only natural to be curious about the photographer. If you're keen to know more about your picture's "birth parent" just click onto their name either by their photo or under the heading “photographers” and a bio will appear. If you have more specific questions just send us a mail and we’ll reply promptly. 

    Do you have any physical galleries?
    We will be opening a Pop-up Gallery in Copenhagen on January 1 so stayed tuned for more info! We also exhibit regularly at art fairs around the globe so if you're interested, drop us a line and we'll let you know where and when our next exhibition will be and even send you free tickets. Our next exhibit will be at the Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg on November 18-22, 2015

    What is a limited edition?
    A limited edition means that the photograph will only be printed a certain number of times in a specific size. This is intended to create a more exclusive personality for the image and increase it's value. Check the info by each image to determine how many editions there are.

    How Do I Know That My Print Is Authentic?
    You will receive a certificate of authenticity which has the title of the photograph, the number in the series, print specifics and the signature of the photographer or of BettySnaps´ owner. This is the accepted method of authenticating a photograph.

    I'm a photographer and would like to sell my work on your site. Can I send you my portfolio?
    Sorry. Betty Snaps hand-picks their photographers from it's own network. Having said that, we're always interested in discovering new work and fresh faces. You can send us an email with a link to your website or with a small selection of images. Due to the sheer volume of such mails we receive it is impossible to reply to everyone. Again sorry. If you don't hear from us it's because we didn't feel that your work would be best represented on this site. Keep shooting! Photos. Not us.

    How often do you have new photographs on your site?
    Hmmm. We're pretty organic so there is no set rate. We like being a smaller operation and more hands-on so we feature a maximum of 40 images at any given time. This means that we will occasionally rotate some works out to let new ones in. In such instances, we will return the original images to the site at a later date. If you've had your eye on one and find it's disappeared by the time you've mustered the gumption and finances to order it, you can always contact us to find out if it's still available.

    Can I use the photograph for commercial purposes once I've purchased it?
    No. This is for your personal viewing pleasure only. You don't buy the rights to the image itself, you purchase a physical print. The terms of purchase are on this site (further down this page) so you should read it for more information. Purchase of images from this site automatically binds you to these terms. If you're looking to use any of the images commercially, don't. (Photographers are pretty testy about this and will sic their lawyers on you in a heartbeat. Really.) We can, however, put you in touch with the photographers/their agents if you're interested in hiring them for a commercial job. Send us an email with as much information as you have and we'll get right back to you!

    Can I sell my print?
    Yes, you can. To a private person for personal use. Then take the money and come right back here for a fresh, new image!

    Why is it so expensive to buy a print?
    Ah. While it might seem expensive to you, a lot of people are required in this process and (unreasonably?) require money to make these prints magically appear on your doorstep: the photographer (yep, you already knew that), the printer, the staff at Betty Snaps (for administration, quality control, packing and shipping logistics, customer service, art acquisition, marketing, etc.), IT folks who provide website maintenance and administration, shipping and handling and of course the taxman (you didn't forget VAT did you, which we include in the price to keep things simpler for you). Make more sense now?

    Will these prints be worth a lot of money soon and make me rich?
    We don't know. Maybe. We choose our photographers because we love their work, not necessarily because the Art World has declared them the Next Great Thing. Having said that, we do have pretty good taste and judgement (again, years in the business have honed our sensibilities and eye for talent). The market for photography is exploding in the art world and you'll find many galleries exclusively exhibiting photography and most of auction houses doing a brisk trade in photography right alongside the Monets and the Renoirs. But do yourself a favour and buy a print because you love it and want to hang it on your wall and look at it everyday. Ultimately, investing in your personal happiness is the wisest thing you'll ever do!

    Your website sucks.
    Really? We'd like to hear what your issues are with it and hopefully we can improve whatever features are making you so unhappy. Send an email!

    I live in Saudi Arabia and want to order a print of that hot, scantily clad lady perched on a tree. Okay?
    No, not okay. We love scantily clad ladies as much as you do but we abide by the laws of the land. If we can ascertain that our work will be considered pornographic in any nature in the country of your residence we will not honour your order and will refund your money instead. After all, you don't really want to get arrested for Art, do you? We certainly don't want you to. A tip: plant a tree in your backyard and kindly request your wife to perch on it!