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  • Freddie Weiss

    About the photographer

    In the words of his son, Freddie Weiss was a rebel. A young AD photographer in the turbulent 60 ́s, Freddie embraced the sexual revolution and pioneered the path which was to become so controversial in the decades to come. But at that time, following the Summer of Love, when Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize pornography, Freddie was charging ahead, obsessed and heady with this brave new era and all the freedom inherent to it.

    With his friend, notorious and celebrated film director, Ole Ege, they collaborated and produced the world ́s first legal pornographic films.

    Times were different and sexuality, finally liberated, was still nuanced by enormous innocence.
    The men and women in the films were all children of the revolution and it was as much a manifesto of a new lifestyle as it was a commercial product. In fact, the characters in this series, P70 (Pornography 1970), lived together in a collective at the time, and remained friends throughout their lives.

    Pornography is a many–faced beast in this day and age but back then, it was a new frontier not only sexually, but politically, ideologically and socially. Remember to put on your time travel specs as you journey back to this eclipsed moment of our history, when a crucial crossroads were reached and a generation took us on a path, launching us into the society we call our own today.

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